Creating a bridge


Success is not a matter of fortune.

With SET´s systematic procedure every challenge can be solved with respect to market success. We help to meet technologies and companies next level requirements. Our structured and standardized concept provides the highest impact of predictability and transparency. It makes sure everybody pulls together for realization.

With SET´s unique combination of market and scientific know-how we create tomorrow´s USP.

Business Qualification

Transfer Procedure

Business Qualification


Recording of ideas, challenges, global targets and frame conditions
Problem scope and description
Definition of specific targets and basic approach
Project summary for publication


Search for potential knowledge providers
Transmission of project summary
Discussion and brainstorming
Definition of work plan and conditions
Project proposal for signature


Set up of project team and process
Implementation of work plan
Periodical review and discussion
Project monitoring for target achievement


Communication of results
Mirroring against targets
Exchange with experts helps for knowledge transfer
Adjustments by request
Implementation concept and realization
Next level solution

Transfer Procedure


Identification of existing or future problems
Assessment of technical opportunities to apply
Problem specification and evaluation
Working plan and cost estimation for development


Implementation of working plan
Reproduction and stabilization of results
Recording of preorders
Upscaling plan and cost estimation for market entry

Market Entry

Implementation of upscaling plan
Delivery of preorders
Development of marketing & sales
Recording of new customers
Build-up management & administration structure
Market strategy and cost estimation for market penetration

Market penetration

Implementation of strategy plan
Expansion of sales activities
Application diversification and adjustments
Build-up personal & organizational structure
Product innovation and new market opportunities
Growth and diversification strategy