Renewal of the cooperation contract between KFAS and SET Technology

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Kuwait City, Kuwait and Chemnitz, Saxony, Germany

The renewal of the cooperation contract between the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS) and SET Technology GmbH means continuation of successful partnership in technology transfer for Kuwait industry.

Meeting the goals of the current (2017 - 2021) strategy of the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences, the successful services in technology and innovation transfer for Kuwait industry will be renewed with the signing of a new contract between both parties. KFAS supports the national goals envisioned in the Kuwait 2030 Vision and Strategic Plan, in addition to the objectives included in The Five-Year Development Plan of the State of Kuwait. The Foundation’s strategy embraces the latest ideas and concepts on Kuwait’s needs of science, technology, and innovation and recognizes the vital role of the Foundation and its Centers in addressing these needs and ensures a more systematic approach for its funding and sponsorship programs. SET Technology GmbH supports with its competency in business qualification, enhancing innovative ideas of German Research and Development institutions for deployment into projects with companies of Kuwait. KFAS finances a part of the expenses for these collaborations. The strategy entails three approaches: Dissemination and Publicizing Scientific Culture, Supporting Scientific Research, and enhancing innovation efficacy of enterprises and the youth.

The cooperation between KFAS and SET reaches back to the year 2012. SET provides R&D knowledge in cooperation with German institutes for applied science. This helps Kuwait companies solve technical problems or receive new impulses for future markets and products. SET’s service is independent of branches and technologies. With KFAS´s funding program, innovative products and process become more likely. It builds an essential step toward Kuwait´s future.

Examples for excellent cooperation under the roof of the contract between Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences and SET Technology GmbH are:


In cooperation with leading German institutes for polymeric science, SET supports EQUATE to develop products for tomorrow’s markets. The projects started with phase I - a feasibility study, with basic investigations and a concept for the development of new products. Now, with implementation of phase II, the creation of the future has already begun.


Americana and SET started a cooperation to provide customers additional values for existing products. Within the scope of a feasibility study, opportunities have been investigated to make products healthier and more nonperishable. Through the help of German institutes, different possibilities have been identified and presented with great interest. In a 2nd phase of the project, products shall be developed according to the findings in phase I.


Many industries have to follow rules and regulations for handling their waste. Nevertheless, waste treatment could lead to high cost pressure. In this case, it becomes necessary to identify possibilities for revolutionary waste treatment to reduce costs. SET helped to get KWTSTEEL in contact with experts for treatment of waste from steel production. After inspection, new possibilities could be identified and a concept for treatment designed.


Some products are difficult to manufacture, which sometimes leads to quality issues that needs to be solved for economic success. With lab analysis of materials and support from engineering, important impulses could have been given to the company. With that capability, the company could solve the problems and sell products without any quality issues. With this confidence, now new products shall be developed to provide customers new properties.


As one of the leading providers in logistic services, the company wants to be always a step ahead. This also includes technologies for warehouses and related processes. SET helps Agility evaluate promising new technologies for application in warehouses within the scope of a feasibility study. With this proof-of-concept, it brings the company a step further to the warehouse of tomorrow.


The right technology and process can lead to new opportunities of quality. In cooperation with a German institute, SET helps MRC company to identify the best process design according to the company’s needs. Furthermore, available technologies will be evaluated independently and mirrored against the requirements. With this approach, a unique service can be offered that at the end provides the best solution for customers based on an objective evaluation.

About KFAS

The Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS) is a private, non-profit organization, established by an Amiri Decree issued on December 12th, 1976. The foundation is governed by a Board of Directors and chaired by H.H. the Amir of the State of Kuwait. KFAS acknowledges with appreciation the valuable continued support it receives from private shareholding companies to fund its operation. These companies are currently providing one percent of their annual net profit to KFAS as part of their corporate social responsibility.

KFAS’s mission to „stimulate and catalyze the advancement of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) for the benefit of society, researchers, and enterprise in Kuwait” remains the heart of all the Foundation’s activities and plans. Since its creation, KFAS has successfully established a number of dedicated research and educational centers of excellence in Kuwait. KFAS is continuing to contribute towards the creation of a rich scientific culture in Kuwait and to enable a sustainable and robust knowledge based economy.

About SET

SET Technology GmbH, founded in 2007, is a technology transfer company located in Germany. As a collaboration partner for research and development organizations and universities, SET delivers implementation and commercialization services on customer requirement. SET’s core business focus is on commercialization of proven technologies and the development and commercialization of Intellectual Properties. Also, SET offers business development to industrial partners and companies based on new innovations and network opportunities.

In 2016 SET started the major topic „Smart City“ with an own subsidiary company to break down this headline to real projects and execution. Mid- and long-term strategy of SET is to establish a successful Technology Transfer model, driven by deployment structures and options like „smart city“ and to establish own technology platforms and spin-offs in major technical areas like water, food and storage.

SET Technology GmbH:

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