WIPS Co., Ltd. The Worldwide Intellectual Property Service in South Korea and SET Technology GmbH start partnering by signing a MoU

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Seoul, South Korea and Chemnitz, Saxony, Germany

WIPS Co., Ltd. (Worldwide Intellectual Property Service), Seoul, South Korea and SET Technology GmbH, Chemnitz, Saxony, Germany, announced a cooperation to accelerate the commercialization and development of Intellectual Properties (IP, Patents). HyounJong Kim, Director of WIPS Co., Ltd. and Thomas Hermsdorfer, CEO of SET, signed a five-year collaboration MoU on June 15th, 2018. This MoU is considered as a framework contract (and will base as a frame work contract and will be adjusted with concrete projects) whose intention will be translated into concrete projects through additional case-by-case agreements.

With its services in technology transfer and R&D consulting, SET offers the assessment of patents from WIPS’ portfolio as well as design of a promising deployment structure. This requires a set of subordinates to perform general IP evaluation and classification, assessment of fields of application and recording of requirements, SWOT analysis, deployment strategy as well as summary and continuation activities.

The strategic goal of the collaboration between WIPS and SET is to support SMEs with implementation of new know-how via developed IP portfolio for international and regional markets and businesses.

SET will represent WIPS as its exclusive partner and will represent the international part with its network and collaborations with other organizations, e.g. to German R&D institutes to participate in the new Korean Government programs for IP commercialization and SME support.

The first set of commercialization and technology transfer projects under consideration include a patent portfolio on inductive charging.
“SET is very proud to cooperate with WIPS and is adding with WIPS an important new collaboration partner and client to its international network”, mentioned Thomas Hermsdorfer.

About WIPS

WIPS is the first online worldwide patent information service provider in South Korea and has contributed to the creation of customer value based on its unique know-how through continuous investment and efforts since 1999.
We have been recognized as IP search and analysis service providers for reliability and expertise. As a result, WIPS has continued to keep its number one market share position.
Started from on-line patent information service, WIPS now provides a full range of intellectual property services – including Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Industrial Designs, IP Consulting, Technology evaluation and IP education.
WIPS has been selected as a prior art researching institution (2005, Korea Patent Office), an evaluation agency (2015, Korea Patent Office), and a technology evaluation institution (2016, Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy) and has become a nationally recognized authority.
Building on these official distinctions, WIPS is working to grow into a global company.


About SET

SET Technology GmbH, founded in 2007, is a technology transfer company located in Germany. As a collaboration partner for research and development organizations and universities, SET delivers implementation and commercialization services regarding to customer requirements. SET’s core business focus is on commercialization of proven technologies and the development and commercialization of Intellectual Properties. Also, SET offers business development to industrial partners and companies based on new innovations and network opportunities.
In 2016, SET started the major focus "Smart City" with an own subsidiary company to break down this headline to real projects and execution. Mid- and long-term strategy of SET is to establish a successful technology transfer model, driven by deployment structures and options like "smart city" and to establish own technology platforms and spin-offs in major technical areas like water, food and logistics.


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